Friday, November 04, 2005

SpartanCast Episode 4

Welcome once again to the SpartanCast, a student produced podcast about the Hazelwood East High School and its' programs and activities.

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Show Notes:

Interview with Mr. Ummels- Mr. Ummels is a teacher at Hazelwood East who has been in the district for many years. We discussed what made him stay at Hazelwood East for the amount of time he's been here, his plans for the future and some of his memories that he has of Hazelwood East ovr the years.

Interview with Mrs. Kurdi, Sponsor of the Art Club- We talked about what the Art Club is, the Art Club's plan for the future, some of the things that Art Club has done around the school and how Mrs. Kurdi became the sponsor.

Interview of Mrs. Gott by Kyra Betts- Kyra Betts interviewed one of the English teachers here at Hazelwood East, Mrs. Gott. They discussed why Mrs. Gott teaches English, what are her views on Honors English Courses taught at East and her plans for the future.

Interview of Romeo & Juilet- Talked to Alicia Bradley and Justin Purl about their role as Romeo & Juilet, an upcoming play being put on by the Theatre Department. Alicia and Justin answered questions as their characters and discussed what their characters are like.

Thank you for listening to SpartanCast. Any comments or concerns can be directed to Mr. Bass in the Communication Skills department at Hazelwood East. 953-5200 x41270 or email


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